The North Paddington Food Bank (NPFB) was established in 2014 and remains an independent food bank. We are a part of the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN), which connects over 900 organisations that do not operate under the banner of larger charities, such as the Trussell Trust.

Our core offering is to support our residents in need with access to money advice, and emergency income in the form of supermarket food vouchers. Since moving to a ‘Cash First’ model at the start of November last year, it’s proved hugely popular, and we have been able to give people more control and dignity to choose and buy their own food.

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Food is one of the most fundamental human necessities for survival. It’s the last thing that any household chooses to cut in their budget. However, an energy price cap increase of 54% imposed from 1 April, highlights the sad reality that more low-income families and individuals will face the choice between heat, essentials and food.
NPFB Referral Process Update

Our vision is a Westminster where nobody goes hungry. As we prepare for a rising cost of living crisis, we will continue to adapt and update our service when needed to provide the best support we can for struggling households in the Westminster.

North Paddington Food Bank support can be accessed by referral only and has a service model of 6 supermarket vouchers over a 6-month period. Due to high levels of demand, We are now resuming food collection through a partnership with The Westbourne Park Food Pantry. 

All single person households and those who need more than 6 week’s support will be invited to collect food from the pantry, more info can be found in our referral forms below.


Access Service

If you are making a referral from a service that is not designed to give help and advice to households over a sustained period, NPFB can contact customers who believe they will need more than 6 supermarket vouchers over a 6-month period. We will work to help them achieve a sustainable solution to their financial hardship and provide more supermarket vouchers where appropriate. We will only do this with their consent. Instructions are included in the Referral Form. Please fill in the Referral form for Access Services. You will need to fill in a new form each time this person needs a supermarket voucher from NPFB.

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Support Service

If you are making a referral from a service that provides households with an allocated support worker, or sustained support plan, we can provide 6 supermarket vouchers over a 6-month period, but you can refer for up to three weeks at a time. Please fill in the referral form for Support Services. If you believe the customer will need more than 6 supermarket vouchers over a 6-month period, please email as indicated in the referral form. We are committed to working with local organisations to make the most of all resources available to support struggling households.

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Click Here To Register as a Referrer

If you are registering and have a referral you want to make straight away, please do so and do not wait for a response from us, we will only contact you if there is a problem with the referral.



The North Paddington Food Bank will require you to have a referral to use the service.

If you have a support worker they can refer you via our website. This could be a social worker, family worker, mental health worker or someone from a community service that helps you regularly. Please note that this does not include carers who visit homes to help with cooking and cleaning.

The foodbank is changing the way we work. Instead of food, the food bank will be issuing some of our customers with texts that enable them to withdraw cash from an ATM. If your support worker thinks this is right for you, then they will be able to refer you via our website. If your support worker does not think this is the best way for you to access help at the moment, they can access a list of other food banks here or from our referral form.

If you do not have a support worker, you can find a list of referral agencies below. You may prefer to speak with your GP or faith leader for a referral. We can help people who are experiencing hardship for up to 6 weeks by issuing a text to withdraw cash from an ATM, as above. We will be asking all our customers to answer questions about their financial situation when they request help from us. This is so we can signpost you to services that ensure you can access all the help and benefits you are entitled to.

We cannot provide long term support. However, we know that some situations are complicated and take time to resolve. We will work with you or your support worker to ensure you have all the help you need as far as possible.

CAB Westminster – Call 0808 278 7834 Age UK – for people over 50yrs – 0203 0045612; 07969 302517
GP surgery Asylum Aid – for recent migrants, asylum seekers, Arabic speakers – call Sylvia – 020 7402 6750 : Mon-Wed:10-3pm ;
Cardinal Hume Centre – Call between 09:30 and 13:30, Mon-Fri on 0207 227 1673; or email Shelter Westminster – For people with housing difficulties – call 0344 515 1540 between the hours of 9:30am – 6:00pm, Monday to Friday
Z2K – 020 7259 0801 HomeStart – For Families with babies and young children – 020 7724 1345; 07808 521 702
Nucleus Legal Advice Service Call between 10am – 4pm Monday – Friday 020 7373 4005 or email Free Benefits, Debt, Housing and Employment Law Advice The Passage – For people who are homeless – 020 7592 1850
Carers Network – for unpaid carers- 020 8960 3033
Community mental health teams and social services; 020 7266 9500
Turning Point & DAWS – 020 7437 3523

More North Paddington Food Bank Referrers

Advance Charity 020 8741 7008
Advice for renters 0207 624 4327
Age Uk Westminster 020 3004 5610
Avenues youth project 020 8969 9552
Beethoven Centre 020 8825 1067
Cardinal Hume Centre 020 7227 1673
Care4Calais 020 7227 1673
Carers Network 020 8960 3033
Central and NW London NHS 020 7266 9700
Centrepoint 0808 800 0661
Club Drug Clinic 020 3317 3000
Community Living Well 020 3317 4200
Crisis 0300 636 1967
Debt Free London 0800 808 5700
Essendine Primary School 0203 329 0201
Fitzrovia centre 020 7580 8680
Freedom from Torture 020 7697 7777
Glass Door Homeless Charity 020 7351 4948
Grand Union Health Centre 020 7286 1231
Hestia 020 7378 3100
Insight Westminster 020 8960 5510
Jesuit refugee service 020 7488 7310
Jesus Centre Trust 0207 637 0600
Kilburn Primary Care Co-op 0333 321 2084
King Georges Hostel (homeless) 020 4509 8373
LAWRS 0808 145 4909
LDN London 020 8968 7376
LDN London (Formerly Westminster Society) 020 8968 7376
Lisson Grove Health Centre 020 3370 1940
London Irish Centre 0207 916 2222
Lookahead 0333 010 4600
Mental Health Services 020 7266 9700
Midaye Somali community development Network 020 8969 7456, 07593440944
Migrants Organise 020 8964 4815
Mind, Brent Wandsworth and Westminster 020 7259 8100
Network homes 0300 373 3000
Newton Medical Centre 020 7229 4578
Notting Hill Genesis 0203 815 0517
Notting Hill Genesis 033 3000 3000, or contact housing officer
Nova New 020 8960 2488
Paddington Arts Centre 020 7286 2722
Prisoners Abroad 0808 172 0098
RBKC social services 020 7361 3013
Red Cross 0808 196 3651
Refuge (safety of women and children) 020 7395 7700
Refugee Council 020 7346 6700
Refugee Council 080 8196 7272
Riverside Speak to housing officer or key worker
Roman Catholic Parish of Bayswater 020 7229 0487
SASH London 020 7851 2955
Solace Women’s Aid 0808 802 5565
South Kensington and Chelsea Community Mental Health Team 07971 625922
South Westminster community mental health hub 0207 8544 327
St James Church Sussex Gardens 020 7262 9976
St Lukes and Christchurch Chelsea 020 7351 7365
St Mark’s Hamilton Terrace 0779 4113782
St Peter’s C of E Primary School 020 7186 0082
Stonewall Housing 020 7359 5767
Thames reach 020 7702 4260
The Church of the Holy Apostle 020 7834 6965 between 10am and 2pm
The Clement James centre 2012218810
The connection at St. Martin’s 020 7766 5544
The Elgin Clinic 020 7286 0747
Together with Migrant Children 01865 528 658
Trailblazers Mentoring 0800 193 4046
Uk Government Probation Service 0300 047 6325
Veteran’s Aid 020 7828 2468
Victim Support 08 08 16 89 111
Walterton and Elgin Community Housing / Robinson Wilson Solicitors 0208 964 3913
Wellington Health Care Centre 0207 7223 382
West Hampstead Women’s Centre 020 7328 7389
West London Day Centre 020 7569 5900
West London Victim Support 0808 168 9291
Westminster Adult Social Care 0207 641 2500
Westminster Children’s services 020 7641 4000
Westminster Council 0207 641 2500
Westminster Housing Services 0800 358 3783
Westminster Integrated Gangs and Exploitation Unit 0797 1920 552
Women and Girl’s network 020 7610 4678
Woodfield Trauma service 020 7266 9575
Wytham Hall 0207 289 1978

If you need help paying for food and cannot go to the shops yourself. You, or your referrer, may want to organise a volunteer shopper to help you. Westminster Connects can help find a suitable person. You or your referrer can contact them by emailing:

You may also want to try:

Morrisons Doorstep Delivery Service
Call 0345 611 6111, to place an order choose option 5

Co-op shopping service
Call 0800 029 4592 between 9am and 8pm

If you are on a low income and need longer term support affording food, you or your referrer may wish to use The Westbourne Park Food Pantry on Thursdays or The Abbey Centre Pantry on Wednesday and Friday mornings where subscribers can access about £20 of food for a £5 fee

A comprehensive list of local foodbanks can be found here. We are also working closely with The Granville Community Kitchen.

Morrisons Doorstep Delivery Service
Call 0345 611 6111, to place an order choose option 5

Co-op shopping service
Call 0800 029 4592 between 9am and 8pm

Westway Community transport, for low cost or free door to door transport
Westway CT
Call 020 8964 4928.

If you have children under 4 years, you can now apply for Healthy Start Vouchers without the signature of a health visitor
Healthy start –

If you live in South Westminster, you can access the Westminster chapel Food Bank through a referral from Westminster CAB (above) 0r the
Cardinal Hume Centre

We can refer clients for face to face advice from:

Westminster CAB
Age UK Westminster (home visits for over 65 yrs)

We can refer clients for advice over the phone to

Age Uk Westminster (Over 50yrs)
Nucleus debt / employment / housing legal advice
Cardinal Hume Centre (families and young people)
Homestart (Volunteer support for parents with children under 5 yrs)
Shine London (advice on fuel costs)

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of our charitable partners. We will approach each household individually and listen to what support they specifically need and how it can best be delivered.

You can contact the food bank on 07952 616 352 or

Opening Hours

Our current office opening times are Wednesday 11am – 4pm & Friday 11am – 4pm.

Our phone lines are Monday to Friday 11am – 4pm , but for urgent enquires please contact


Giving back

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