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Do you need help?

Do you need help?

At the North Paddington Foodbank, we are here to support individuals and families facing food insecurity...
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Want to Volunteer?

Volunteers are at the heart of our mission, and we couldn’t achieve our goals without their dedication...
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Our Latest Projects

Our Latest Projects

We have a number of projects to help support those who need it...
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NPFB is taking action to combat the rising cost-of-living crisis. We’re launching the Cost-of-Living Appeal to aid local individuals and families in our community grappling with the mounting financial burden.


Rising costs are pushing families to make agonising choices between essentials
like food and heating. This is an untenable situation that no one should face.

This crisis affects a diverse range of people, from single parents to the elderly, and
those living with disabilities, all facing circumstances beyond their control.

The statistics underscore the urgency of the issue. Notably, a staggering 30% of
the referrals NPFB received since April 2022 came from households that had
never previously sought food assistance. This startling fact highlights the alarming
reality of food insecurity among families who once enjoyed a stable existence.

This year alone, we’ve assisted 11,339 households in navigating the challenges of the cost-of-living crisis, and demand this winter for emergency aid will continue to rise.



Emily has a job interview today, but she hasn’t eaten a meal, and she can’t afford to heat water for a shower beforehand.

John’s energy usage should be at its highest right now because it’s winter, but he can’t afford to heat his home or cook a meal for his family.

They‘ve completely run out of money to pay for food and fuel. They’ll have exhausted all other options. And have nobody to turn to.

They represent many individuals in dire need.


We’re creating the NPFB Winter Cost-of-Living Fund. We’re reaching out to fellow local residents and businesses in Westminster to help us provide crucial relief to those most affected by escalating fuel, energy, and food expenses.


Our Impact

We’ve already seen significant positive impact:

50 %

of our customers preferring vouchers or cash over food parcels

50 %

of people receiving supermarket vouchers have had a positive impact on their emotional and physical wellbeing

50 %

reported not needing to use another food bank during this support

Our ‘Cash First’ approach is making a real difference!

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