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Partners and Supporters

By James Quayle

Some of our Key Partners and supporters

Many individuals and groups have provided long term and extensive support to us over the years, for which we hugely appreciate. Below is just a selection, which will hopefully be continuosly added to!

WECH (Walerton and Elgin community homes)- Our main supporter, who has provided funding, resources, expertise, office space and distribution space since the food bank began.

Citizens Advice Westminster- Have provided advice services through one of their professional advisors every week during our distribution.

Shelter- Started providing housing advice during our Wednesday morning distribution in 2018.

The Felix project- Provide weekly fresh food deliveries on Wednesday mornings which play a huge role in supplementing and diversifying the packages that we distribute. Have connected us with tonnes of food that would otherwise be at risk of going to waste.

City Harvest- Also provide fresh food donations during our Wednesday morning distribution, at a later point in the morning once the first fresh food delivery has often gone due to high levels of demand. Have also provided a large amount of food at risk of being wasted.

The Paddington Partnership- Connect business volunteers around the Paddington area to the food bank, bringing in and supporting a large number of groups to assist with distributions.

One Westminster- Connect business volunteers from around Westminster to come and work in the food bank. Also provide training opportunities and platforms to connect with other community groups in the borough and share experiences and best practice.

Hands On London- Connect individual volunteers with the food bank, as well as some groups. 

Paddington Central- Provide multiple food and essentials donations throughout the year, as well as connecting the food bank to volunteer groups and facilitating one of its regular collections.

Westminster and Harrow Road Community champions- A source of regular support and volunteers who carry out numerous projects in the area that also provide opportunities to people who use the food bank.

Paddington Academy- Donated between 5,000-6,000 items of food in December 2018, as well as partnering with us for the community element of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, where 10 students come and volunteer for 1.5 hours every Friday.

UCS Hampstead- Donated multiple tonnes of food in November 2018, with a group of students continuing to volunteer on a weekly basis.

A2 Dominion, The Beethoven centre- Provide multiple donations throughout the year whilst being a key referral agent and community partner.

MFS UK- Have volunteered on multiple occasions and provided essential funding.

M and G Prudential- Have also volunteered, made financial donations and are supporting our development of case management and recording software.

Splunk- Have volunteered on multiple occasions and made food and essentials donations.

Heathrow Express- Have volunteered multiple times per year since 2017.

Sainsbury’s Local, Paddington Station-  Have donated food and essentials, money and hosted a monthly collection as well as a permanent donation bin.

Sainsbury’s, Ladbroke Grove- Host a donation bin for customers to drop donations.

Sainsbury’s Local, Sheldon Square- Host a donation bin and a monthly collection.

Waitrose, Bayswater- Host a donation bin and a monthly collection.